Are you looking for an audio player for your ALSA sound card driver? Aplay is the best audio player application to play any audio on the command line. This fantastic application allows its users to make many changes in it. You can fix any of your required frequencies for your audio file. Make a lot of changes, including forcefully interrupting any audio in aplay. You just have to download this application and interact with any aspect directly.

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Category Information
Name Aplay
Purpose Command-line audio player for Linux
Developer ALSA project, Linux kernel dev team
License GPL v2+
File formats WAV, AIFF, MP3, FLAC, etc.
Playback options Volume, channel, sample rate control
Dependencies ALSA sound driver and library
Availability Pre-installed on most Linux OS, downloadable from ALSA website

User freindy interface

This fantastic audio player has a catchy but simple interface. Beginners can use this application without any previous knowledge. You can watch free tutorials for effective and smooth usage of this excellent application. You will love its unlimited features and amazing customization option.

Supported formats

The most interesting feature of this application is that it supports multiple formats, including VOC, WAV, AU, RAW, and many others. You have to just select any required file formats and play your audio by tapping on it. Users can also enjoy this application on various sound cards and different devices. You can also make changes in bit depth, sampling type, and many other.


Stop any audio forcefully

This application allows users to stop any audio by using the -d flag. You can also interrupt any audio by clicking typing cntrl and c buttons. These short keys forcefully shut down any audio recording in aplay. You can also suppress any unnecessary message by pressing the -q flag. Enjoy a bug-free application free of cost!