Are you a crazy fan of earning bitcoin on your mobile phone? Bitplay provides a memorable experience to play your favorite games like coin flapper, coin flapper pro, and coin crusher. This fantastic platform offers a golden opportunity for all gamers to have a realistic place to compete with each other and win bitcoins.

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Information Description
Company Name BitPlay
Industry Cryptocurrency gaming and gambling
Headquarters Singapore
Founded 2018
Founders Wilson Lee and Eric Benz
Products/Services Blockchain-based casino games and lotteries

Deposit more and earn more

Bitplay has a mission for all game players to deposit more and earn more bitcoin. You can get a unique experience while playing with the top players throughout the world. You can now interact with any player and any aspect of your favorite game on your mobile phone anywhere and anytime.


Thrilling challenges

This fantastic network provides many exciting tasks and thrilling missions to the players; they have to compete with three opponents who are selected by Bitplay. All three opponents have high skills and excellent experience. You have to defeat them with your unique techniques and robust strategies and win amazing rewards.

Compete with your friends

On this amazing platform, you can compete with your friends directly. You have to set a goal for the game and participate in various game challenges, tasks, and missions. You can defeat your friends in your favorite bitcoin games with your talent and show off your skills and outstanding experience with your friends. You have to make more points in various exciting rounds of the world’s popular games to win more bitcoins.