How can I watch TV on my Android TV for free?

How can I watch TV on my Android TV for free?

In today’s digital world, people do not have time to watch their favorite TV shows. They find it challenging to sit before television screens and relish sports, news, or movies. It is because of the fast-paced world. Everyone wants to entertain themselves while continuing to work. 

Hence many people ask how they can watch TV on their Android for free. There are several ways to do so. Multiple applications are available on Google Play Store, which provides free live TV. These apps stream several channels belonging to various categories, including sports, news, entertainment, showbiz, cartoons, movies, fashion, and more. 

This article will tell you about free live TV applications to enhance your TV watching experience. 

  • SplikTV 

A topmost application that provides hundreds of television channels for free is SplikTV. This stunning application proffers pliability, freedom, and a straightforward interface. It is quick, smooth, and easy to use. There will be no signal dropping or glitches. Apart from live streaming of television channels, this application also has many other stunning features that you will be able to identify soon after opening the app. 

This application is absolutely free, and you will need not register or pay any fee. All the attributes provided by the application are on the house. Do you want to know something stunning? The app also has a built-in emulator to enhance your gaming experience. 

  • MX Players

Most people use MX Players to watch downloaded videos. It is a popular application for running your adored movies or dramas. Millions of people have downloaded and availed themselves of this remarkable app. However, today we are going to give you some enchanting news. MX Player can also be used to enjoy live television channels.

It means your media player can be a free television screen to relish and treasure your time. MX player also provides the ability to download different media files like cartoons, films, and dramas. You can watch the downloaded files on the same player whenever you want. It does not charge you anything, and all the fun factors proffered are free of cost. Furthermore, it also has a straightforward display and gesture control. 

  • ZEE 5 

The best place to enjoy varied genres of entertainment is ZEE 5. This application live streams dozens of TV channels, connects several movie websites and gives above 3000 movies to watch. These movies belong to various genres, including:

  1. Action
  2. Horror
  3. Romance
  4. Comedy
  5. Documentary 
  6. Mystery 
  7. Crime 
  8. Drama

And many more. 

Additionally, ZEE 5 also broadcasts kid’s programs and animated series, including Krishna Balram, Chota Bheem, and others. It also proffers international shows like Pakistani, Spanish, Chinese, English, Korean, and American. You will definitely fall in love with this adored app. 

  • Yupp TV

Yupp TV is another free live streaming application to watch on your Android TV for free. It is crafted by a company that goes by a similar name. People who have downloaded and enjoyed this app have given many positive reviews. Yupp TV brings forward several ways to take delight in your free time. For example:

  • It supports over twenty devices, including Android, PC, tablets, and smartphones.
  • It comes with a built-in game console support mechanism. 
  • It has thousands of channels from around the world that you can watch smoothly. 
  • Its live streaming is flawless, and there will be no glitches at all. 
  • All the above features and attributes are free of charge, and you will not be asked to pay. 

Yupp TV streams many channels, including all of your favorite and adored networks, for example:

  1. Republic TV
  2. Mirror New
  3. ABP
  4. NDTV
  5. Colors HD
  6. Jaya Movies
  7. KBO Classic
  8. WOW Kids
  9. Times Now
  10. News 7
  11. And many more.
  • Live Net TV 

Last but not least, Live Net TV is not a final choice, as you might guess by its listing. Numbers have nothing to do with the efficiency and excellency of any application. So, if this stunning app has come last on the list, it does not mean that it offers lesser entertainment. You will get more or less the same number of networks and similar features.

Live Net TV provides you with an additional factor that the above apps do not offer. Using this awesome app, you can feasibly request your beloved channel if it is not in the built-in list. They will promptly respond to your request by including the desired channel. 


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