Is Nexgtv free?

Is Nexgtv free?

Nexgtv is a popular television application that streams hundreds of Indian TV channels worldwide. This application proffers you two different packages:

  1. Free package 
  2. Paid package 

You can relish both of the above packages. However, these packages come with varying features. You can guess that a free version will not provide as many factors as the paid version will. 

Considering the two formats offered by Nexgtv, this article will explain both packages. This explanation will help you choose whether to go free or pay to avail yourself of extra features. Therefore, if you want to relish this stunning application, this article would help you a lot. 

But before jumping to the main discussion, let’s tell you about some of the enchanting elements of this outstanding application. 

Fun Elements of Nexgtv

Nexgtv is an Indian-based app crafted and publicized by Indian developers. The app’s main aim is to proffer its users an opportunity to enjoy various modes of entertainment. By downloading and installing this application, you will be able to relish the following shows:

  1. Thousands of Indian movies, one click away from your eyes.
  2. Multiple Indian channels, including the ones you adore. 
  3. Your favorite sports networks to watch cricket or football matches whenever you want.
  4. Your preferred news channels to stay updated with the latest news from within and outside the country.
  5. Multiple entertainment channels to see your treasured drama serials or shows.
  6. It works as a pocket cinema. So, you can entertain yourself with any show, film, or serial that amuses you. 

Distinctive and Additional Features 

Additionally, Nexgtv has many other enchanting features. The display is straightforward and provides the feasibility of usage. You can easily understand and learn how to handle, run, and control the app. The following additional factors would also help you in this regard:

  1. It is your decision to get the app for free or go for the paid version.
  2. It comes with a built-in data-saving mode to optimize your data usage while utilizing the application.
  3. The content is original and carefully jotted by the editors. 
  4. You can set a reminder for your adored TV shows. This way, the app will tell you when the time comes, and you will not miss your cherished program. 
  5. Picture quality and resolution of the video are adapted to follow the network bandwidth. 
  6. You can also download your beloved videos for later watching. 
  7. You can filter and craft your own list of the material (free and paid).
  8. Android requirement for the application is not high. So, any person who uses an Android device of 4.4 or above can avail himself of the stunning app. 

Now that you have learned some vital things about the app, it is time to discuss its packages. 

Packages Offered by Nexgtv

Nexgtv values its customers’ need for entertainment and affordability. Unlike most other similar applications, it does not demand money from all users. The developers understand and respect the following issues:

  • Not all users can afford a paid version. Therefore, with Nexgtv, they will not be left out. 
  • Some consumers might also find it challenging to find the source of paying the developers.
  • Furthermore, some customers do not feel comfortable paying for a random application just to get entertained. 

That is why, as described earlier, Nexgtv is proffering two versions discussed below.

Free Version 

Download and installation are free for all customers. However, the next step is where you get to decide whether you will use it for free or purchase the paid version. The free version of Nexgtv does not charge a rupee from its customers. It can be availed free of cost. You will relish most fun factors without paying. However, it has the following drawbacks:

  1. The free version offers a limited number of channels.
  2. Most watched and popular channels might be missing in the free version.
  3. There will be ads in the accessible format that can hinder and disturb your enjoyment. 
  4. You can miss the most demanded content, like fresh movies and Indian Premier League matches. 
  5. Repeat telecasts might not be accessible for most of the channels using the free format. 

The paid version provides you with all the perks that the free package lacks. You can get to relish all the above factors by purchasing a monthly or weekly subscription. It has the following packages:

  1. If you want to buy their weekly subscription, you will be charged 30 Indian rupees per week.
  2. If you desire to book the monthly package, you will have to pay 120 Indian rupees per month.
  3. If you are living in a country other than India, the currency rate will automatically be converted. 

However, if you want to relish the paid version for free, downloading its APK file from our site would be the best option. 


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