Newplay is the best multimedia application to run any premium and high-quality content on your mobile phone. This fantastic application allows users to set any reminder of their favorite tv channels and shows. You can watch all your favorite content without any distracting ads free of cost. This excellent multiplayer support high-quality images, videos, and audio to run. You can use your mobile phone as a server and search for your favorite content.

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Category Information
Name Newplay
Description A new play that has been recently written and/or produced
Genre Can vary widely depending on the play
Author Varies depending on the specific play
Director Varies depending on the specific production
Cast Varies depending on the specific production
Setting Varies depending on the specific play
Length Varies depending on the specific play and production
Ticket prices Varies depending on the specific production and venue
Audience Generally suitable for adults, but can also be suitable for children or young adults depending on the play and production
Reviews Will depend on the specific play and production, and can vary widely from positive to negative reviews

Share your Chromecast

This application allows users to share any of their playlists to Chromecast directly. You will admire all the remarkable features of this application-It supports many formats of images, audio files, and videos like JPG, PNG, MP3, WM3, MP4, and many others.

Quick installation of your favorite playlist

You can quickly download your favorite playlist from the internet. Amazing Chromecast capability and installation playlist features mesmerize all users. You have to use a strong internet connection to enjoy your favorite content and watch photos, music, and videos on your mobile.


Allows channel tuning

Users can tune any of their favorite channels quickly through this application. This app supports multiple HD channels free of cost. You can check new updates and amazing new channels of this application. You can import any of your favorite playlists directly from the internet on your mobile. This player also provides you the facility to add content to their favorite playlist so they may access it quickly next time. You can add your favorite channel links to the  URL section and watch its content directly.