Player Latino

Player Latino

Are you a fan of television? Player Latino is for all television lovers. You can watch all tv channels on your mobile phone free of cost. This fantastic application provides you with all the old and latest content at your fingertips. You can also add your favorite playlists and make many awesome changes on this application. Users can also access and control their channel’s privacy on their smartphones.

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Player Latino
Industry Gaming media and entertainment
Language Spanish
Platform Online
Founded 2016
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina
Founders Damian Rotondo, Alejandro Burato

Enjoy old tv channels

Some people are fans of old tv shows, drama series, and old movies. This app allows all these people to watch their favorite old entertaining content on their mobile phones. You can add any playlist link from the internet to this app which directly accesses you to these playlists.

Enjoy tv channels in Latin America

Player Latino, as its name shows, provides access to all stunning channels of Latin America. You can now entertain with all national and international content on your smartphone without paying any subscription charges.

Player Latino

Beautiful themes and color combinations

The most exciting feature of this application is that users can enjoy charming themes and captivating color combinations. You can select any of your favorite themes or color. This feature allows all users to watch their favorite entertainment content as they want.

Smooth transmission

As this application is developed for everyone, you can also make many adjustments according o your desires. If you have a low internet connection, you can choose the option of come down quality which provides smooth transmission of your favorite content without any buffering and lagging problems.