Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our website provides detailed information about its privacy policy. We have updated our privacy policy after a specific time when needed. You can get complete details about the entertaining content on our website, its originality, and its usage. We are providing you with all detail of the banned accounts and deleted accounts on our website and many critical information. Please read all the privacy policies of our website to get detailed knowledge of the legal content and limitations.  

Our mission of privacy:

Our website has a clear mission to protect users’ privacy all the way. We collect some sort of basic information about the users when they open our website. This basic information included the device type, location, number of visits in a day on our website, IP address, browser type, and many other essential details just to maintain the privacy of our website.

Detect illegal activities:

Our website has many excellent sensors that immediately detect any sort of unusual, illegal, or robotic activity from any device to our website. We get good details of these illicit systems directly and track their IP address. Suppose any user tries to exploit the privacy policy of our website or download a lot of content at the same time. Then we will block the account of that user and recheck their personal and login information.

Banned account:

We banned all those accounts if they exploited any of our rules intentionally. We are contacting them through their provided email address. And wait for their reply to our warning. If they do not reply to us by our official email address and do not explain their reasons for exploiting our rules, then we will ban their accounts and will not recover these accounts again. We blocked them on our website due to illegal activities.

Login through an authentic email address:

We strictly instruct our valuable users to log in through their authentic email addresses. We will not approve any illegal or fake email addresses. Our website directly detects fake logins and bans their accounts, and deletes their accounts from our website permanently.

Increases user’s confidence:

Our website provides users with a secure, entertaining platform where they can entertain with their favorite entertainment content, hundreds of tv channels from many countries, all old and latest movies, all episodes of drama serials, and much more free of cost. Your security will never be compromised on our website at any cost. You can provide your legal information, correct email address, original name, and phone number without any fear of stealing these details. Our secure system saves you all your details safely. No one can access these details. We are increasing our customer’s confidence to use our website again and again. 

Report any issues:

Our website contains thousands of information about various entertaining content. You can directly report any issue or copyrighted content through our official email address. The expert team of splik tv is always ready to respond to your queries and feedback. But you must provide legal and authentic proof in the form of images or screenshots of that disputed area with your accurate email address, phone number, and name. We will investigate the disputed content. If we judge any immoral content on our website, we will immediately remove that disputed content. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about our privacy policy or any entertaining content. 

The number of times your visit our website:

Our system detects all detailed information about the number of times your visit our website and the watch time of any content. Your preferences help us to provide your users most trending, popular, and fantastic entertaining cont. You can kill your boredom with the unlimited entertaining options of splik tv. Always be in touch with our website to get updated information about your favorite contact anytime and anywhere.

Children information:

Splik tv is a vast collection of all types of entertaining content. Our website also provides all detailed information about children and parents. Many science and technology channels and kids channels are added for children. We clearly mentioned the age of children for every content. So don’t worry; we are providing a safe environment for your children. Children can enhance their knowledge and competitive skills with the original content of our website and authentic kids’ shows without any vulgarity or lousy stuff.

Your consent for our privacy policy:

Users should read the detailed information about the privacy policy. You can ask questions about our privacy policy through our official email address and contact us page. To get more benefits from our website, you must click on the consent privacy policy button and then enjoy unlimited entertaining content free of cost.