Are you looking for a remarkable video player? Splay is the best choice for you. You will enjoy its unlimited outstanding features, simple but captivating interface, and many other cool customization options free of cost. You can get a unique experience after watching your favorite videos, movies, drama series, or documentaries on this application.

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Category Information
Name Splay
Purpose Command-line audio player for Unix-like systems
Developer Eric A. Howe
License GPL v2+
File formats WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, etc.
Playback options Volume, speed, equalization
Dependencies libao library, sound driver
Availability Downloadable from official website or package managers on Unix-like systems

Control your video as you want

The most interesting feature of this application is that it allows its users to control any of their favorite videos as they want. You can play any video fast forward to prevent your time and get more knowledge quickly. Slow down any video or replay any part with one finger. Users can also change the video quality and convert low-quality video into high-quality.

Enjoy music in the background

Users can enjoy their favorite songs in the background while doing other tasks on their mobile phones. Yo favorite song will not be interrupted for any reason. You can make do your regular work tasks, manage files, or do any other tasks and enjoy music at the same time.


Supports subtitles

Splay is an outstanding application with mind-blowing features. It supports subtitles; you can watch any of your favorite movies or drama serials with subtitles. You can watch popular dubbed movies, drama serials, documentaries, and animated movies free of cost on this application.

Download any content

You can download any of your favorite videos just with one click from the internet. This application supports multiple servers to download any video from the internet directly. You have copied the link to that video and pasted it into the URL section of this app. Within a few minutes, your required video will be downloaded.