Spliktv 1.2 Apk Download Free

Spliktv 1.2 Apk Download Free

Spliktv 1.2 apk download free is an apk file that will have unlimited dramas and movies in it. You can enjoy movies and TV shows. To enter the app, go to the link present on this page. The films and the dramas have different qualities like HD, 4K, and 1080p. To get more enjoyment, watch the movie in HD quality. The movies category is a trending category due to its more watchers. I will also recommend watching the film as they have more fun in them. It is the modded version of Spliktv, with 400+ channels to watch movies.

About Spliktv 1.2 apk download free

  • The latest version of this app is 1.0.6, which is entirely different from the old version
  • If you want to get this file on androids, update your android device to the 5.1+
  • The andresARG edited the app of this dramatic series
  • It was first time updated in the play store on the 3rd of Feb 2021 
  • The category of movie series is related to the free 
  • It has a tiny size of 4.9MB that can be easily saved on any device

Great video player

In Spliktv 1.2 apk, download free, the video player is built in it that you can use to play the video. The video will be smooth and fast in play. Ensure the internet connection is vital; otherwise, the TV show cannot be played softly. The error will have occurred as the internet connection will be weak. The video quality will be HD, 1080p, and 4K and will be played smoothly.

Spliktv 1.2 Apk Download Free

Video downloading

The available TV shows can also be downloaded. To download a TV show, click the download button and select the quality of the TV show in which you want to download. After setting it all, your video will be downloaded by strengthening the internet connection.

Dramas category

In Spliktv 1.2 apk, downloaded free, different categories of dramas can be watched by clicking on them. The drama video will be given in class. Go to the search button to find the related variety of drama. All the theaters are exciting, and you have great fun in them.

Ads blocked

According to my experience, ads are displayed when we watch drama, movies, or TV shows on youtube, Facebook, or other files. But on Spliktv 1.2 apk downloaded free, the ads are not displayed in the middle while watching the movie as the app server blocks them.

Awesome content

In Spliktv 1.2 apk, downloaded free, you will get excellent video content in the form of dramas, films, series, and movies. Click on the movie to watch it; the best movie category that I will recommend to watch is horror movies. As in horror movies, thrilling scenes with dashing sound effects are present. Enjoy the dramas when you are present in the family. Go to the romantic category when love feelings are to be expressed.


is the original video player available on Spliktv 1.2 apk download free?

Yes, in this modded version of splikTV, the original video player is present, giving an authentic experience of watching a movie.

Can we find a series on Spliktv 1.2 apk download free?

Yes, you can find the series here; all the series are available in categories. To find a series category, go to the search bar and search it there.

is spliktv 1.2 apk download free easy to use?

Yes, it is easy to use. By moving your fingers on the screen, resume or pause the movie, and you can also change the movie category in this regard.

how to get spliktv 1.2 apk download free?

To get this app, click on the link updated on this page.


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