SplikTv Alternates

SplikTv Alternates

In the challenging and boring routines of the tiring working days, everyone needs an amazing platform to watch the desired shows, programs, movies, and series of dramas. Such platforms are present in abundance with a lot of user-friendly features and a smooth, organized interface. You can enjoy unlimited hours of entertainment with a variety of android television apps. In this article, I’m introducing you to such fantastic SplikTv Alternates and many other options for the alternates of this application.

What is SplikTv?

SplikTv is a medium to entertain you with unlimited shows and channels with live stream shows, and you can enjoy quality content with the HD media player on your Android phone. SplikTv is not only providing movies and different programs, but it is also providing categories of different channels for kids, music, news, sports, and an endless count of entertainment channels. You can also enjoy entertainment through Spliktv on your windows, iOS, and smart Television sets. The other benefit of the SplikTv is that you can watch unlimited entertainment channels based on your interest, and it will give you the relevant recommendation of your loveable shows and documentaries and you will explore the following features of the SplikTv:

  • Even interface with the high quality videos
  • Engaging entertainment channels and shows
  • Free entertainment platform
  • Uninterrupted relaxation with your preferred shows and movies
  • Availability of content from any specific region or country

Alternates of the SplikTv

There is a variety of similar and alternative apps for SplikTv that will provide you with the content for your leisure time on the selection of mobile Tv according to your likings and dislikings. You can enjoy dramas from any country that are available with subtitles and translations in any language, and these Android television applications also provide a series of different popular dubbed series that will be suitable according to your culture and traditions.

The major and most popular alternates of SplikTv are the IPTV pro like the Global Play, Film App, KrakenTv, and the King Hub. You can also consider the following apps as the alternates of SplikTv, i.e. Moonklat, Aron Player, LTS Player, Live Word Pro, Whatplay, HN IPTV 4, Tele Latino, pocket Cine pro, and the Stream play application.

List of SplikTv Alternates

  1. Zona Player
  2. Wave Player
  3. Miradetodo 
  4. PL Pro 3
  5. Octostream
  7. You TV Player
  8. Movifly
  9. Repelis 
  10. Play View
  11. Telegorda
  12. Meta TV
  13. Patoplayer APK

The other options for a suitable substitute for the SplikTv are present in unlimited numbers, and a few of them are the Viper Play, Splay APK, Bitplay APK, Z Player Pro, TV Express, Futbit APK, Magis TV, Gnula APK, Sayayin TV, and Netflix, Vidly TV, Antena Play, Tamasha, and many other options are available. For your convenience, all of these options are discussed in detail to give information about the features of these unlimited alternates of the SplikTv and are discussed below in complete detail:

Global Play

Global Play is the best app for using your smartphone as a television with premium quality dramas, shows, kids channels, and different channels about fashion from all around the world, and you can get excess to the different channels of the world without being used any type of VPN. You can use other languages to watch the plus and featured channels with the free excess and the simple interface on your PC, android phones, and the Smart television with unlimited entertainment.

Film App

The Film App is the best alternative to SplikTv to watch the latest and surprising collection of movies, and it is also providing a variety of classic entertainment to enjoy Bollywood, Hollywood, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese content with free access. You can also make a list of your selected programs and download these files within any preferable size and quality. In Film App, you will enjoy numerous variety of horror, comedy, action, and kids series online and offline, watching times in any language.


You can enjoy Latinish shows, sports, and more than seventy plus channels without the continuous eruption of ads. The Kraken Tv will provide the best available adult, kids, and funny shows that will suit your taste, and you can modify the settings and add the personal channels of your interest. The amazing feature of the Kraken TV is that you can use this application in Mac books. Windows, Blueberry, and even in Nokia mobile phones without any investment.

King Hub

The platform of the King Hub is exploded with Spanish content that will amuse you with the different sorts of anime movies, kids’ cartoons, and live thrilling series. You will have to get registration in the King Hub to get excess to the limited and selected dramas and movies, but the plus version is also present for the unlimited excess of action and entertaining higher quality channels. 

  • You can watch the different Spanish channels with subtitles in selected languages.
  • You can also enjoy the premium shows with a subscription to King Hub.

IPTV pro

The extraordinary entertainment base of the IPTV pro provides free and premium features to make productive your leisure time, and you can make playlists in the format of XSPF and M3U style to arrange your favourite content. You can also enjoy the different playlists of unlimited variety by using the proxy or VPN with your selected regions. The premium feature of the IPTV pro will help you in the creation of the playlist history with parental control to check the quality of entertainment of your children.


The Moonkalt is an amazing opportunity that admires the Latin and Spanish content that is full of action and adventurous dramas and soap series. You can get an excess of unlimited entertainment in your mobile, Chromecast, or television box to enjoy your free and leisure time. The content of the other countries is also present that is dubbed and translated into the Spanish language.

  • You can customize your playlists with horror, comedy, and animal documentaries.
  • The offline mode is available by downloading the different serials and movies.
  • You can record live movies and enjoy the content available in any language.

Aron Player

The Aron Player will provide more than 6000 channels for movies and dramas with more than 500 channels for kid’s entertainment. You can add customized channels by bookmarking your favorite content, and the Aron player is gaining more popularity due to the free access to the multiple categories of the series and sports with the sleek and simple interface of the high quality videos, and you can also enjoy these videos by downloading in your preferred quality and size.

LTS Player 

The LTS Player is the best alternative to SplikTv, which provides the entertainment of numerous movies and drama series from any location in the world. The video quality of the live streaming shows is high and suitable for a variety of mobile phones. The LTS player can also be used to transfer files and videos to your smart TV and the other family members.

Live Word Pro

The Live Word Pro provides unlimited content in the style of IPTV, which will be based on multiple categories according to the recommendation of the user. The unlimited live streaming of the latest movies and sports news is provided with high quality videos and an interface.

  • The application of Live Word Pro provides all sorts of entertainment under one framework from all around the world.
  • The built-in control of the Live Word Pro is suitable for enjoying action and sports videos.


The entertainment application of Whatplay is available to watch the unlimited content that is present on your devices, and the quality of Whatplay is present in higher HD video quality. You can upload the content in any format, mp3 or mp4, to enjoy your free and happy time, and you can also connect the Whatplay to your mobiles and television sets with the live streaming of your favorite videos. 


The HN IPTV 4 is the greatest application for enjoying high quality content with a super level of local and international series and movies. The HN IPTV 4 provides wonderful sources of the series that will make you addicted by watching countless hours of watching these movies and sports content.

  • In the HN IPTV 4, you can record the live streaming of different shows.
  • The bookmarks and liked options are present that will work as a reminder to watch your selected shows in your free time.


Tele Latino 

Tele Latino is an IPTV platform that provides a variety of movies and dramas of your special interest, and you can create an M3U playlist with HD quality and smooth style. Tele Latino will provide an abundance of Tv series for free, and you can search for your favorite shows and sports channels within seconds; the shows are present for free from all around the world.

Pocket Cine Pro

The Pocket Cine pro is the platform to analyze and keep track of your favorite Tv shows and movies. You have to create a list of your entertainment content from the different platforms, and then this app will suggest you watch the different shows on a daily basis. You can enjoy higher HD videos from your customized playlists. 

Stream play

Stream Play is mainly used to highlight and mirror your small screen shows by watching into large screen frames in different video formats. The Stream play is an Android based player that will help in entertaining unlimited movies, shows, and news in your free time.

  1. You can record the live stream of the different shows.
  2. The offline viewing of your selected shows is also present for free.

Zona Player

The Zona Player is the super base for providing different action and thrilling serials at your fingertips. You can create the playlist of your choice and watch it offline viewing whenever you want. The Zona Player will provide a great quality of entertainment on your mobile phones, and you can delete the history of your watched movies and playlists.

Wave Player

The Wave Player is the application to play your downloaded and selected movies, music, and comedy content with super cinema effects. The files can be uploaded in different sorts of formats, and you can create customized playlists and upload your desired dramas and other shows. The M3U playlist will help in the creation of the content into different categories and watch lists.


The Miradetodo is an IPTV application full of the latest and most thrilling web series and movies in the extra selected quality and graphics. The interface of the Miradetodo is designed in a cool way to enjoy unlimited watch time, and you can download it for later enjoyment.

  • You can adjust the menu of the Miradetodo player with customized changes in the quality and screen size adjustments.
  • The content for adults and kids is present for totally free with unlimited variety.

You TV Player

The You TV Player will help you in watching the live and nonlive streaming of funny, comedy, action, and cartoon channels from all around the world. The You TV Player is gaining popularity due to the following features:

  • Customized streams are present to watch and download the different formats of the videos and audio files.
  • You can watch different shows with your family and friends.
  • A reminder option is present to remind you to watch your downloaded shows.



Telegords is the most populated application to watch and enjoy Spanish TV shows with multiple news and gaming channels. The built-in channel feature will help you to search for your selected shows, and you can watch unlimited entertainment, comedy, and horror shows with the no-price of a subscription. Telegorda provides a cinema range of music shows and live gaming programs that will improve your gaming skills.

Meta TV

You will explore the refreshing and unique content in the platform of the Meta Tv with the high resolution of pictures and videos. The blockbuster web series and telefilms are present in an unlimited amount to fulfil your free time with fun and happiness.

  • On Meta TV, you will be able to comment and like the different networks and videos.
  • The Tv shows are present that have the relation from all fields of life with the successful control panels.

Patoplayer APK

The unique content of the American and Spanish countries is available in the Patoplayer APK with a different range of educational and scientific documentaries. You can access all sorts of genres in one basic application and enjoy live broadcasting of high quality, and you can also enable the mirror screen mode in the main menu to enjoy the bigger screens.

PL Pro 3

The PL Pro 3 includes interesting features to play and watch the mp3, mp4, M3U, and MOV formats to enjoy the different unlimited entertaining channels. You can watch the gaming and newscasts for unlimited hours due to its simple control and user-friendly channels. The ads are prohibited in movies and dramas to provide you with quality entertainment level.


The Octostream provides the most exciting dramas of Korean and Thailand entertainment to provide you with the best and most unique content. You can enable the feature of the Chromecast to enjoy the bigger screen with the categorized filters of your selection of dramas and movies.

  • You can update your playlists to watch the endless watching series.
  • The content is also available with subtitles with a higher-quality resolution.


The MXL IPTV provides you with the best entertaining plays, cartoons, and the Spots channels without any subscription fees. You can explore the live streams by creating customized changes to your preferred local and English, and French shows.

Play View

Another exciting alternative to SplikTv is Play View, that is providing a variety of films, television series, and short movies for android users for free. The users can download the different shows and watch them in their free time without access to the internet, and the trailers and short clips of upcoming movies are present of the most popular English and other countries’ movies. You can adjust the availability of the subtitles according to your customized setting. 

Viper Play 

The most exciting platform for the spots and matches is Viper Play, and you can enjoy the tournaments of any country in broad live streaming; these tournaments are present in high quality. The Viper Play is particularly designed for the FIFA world cups to provide accurate schedules and test matches.

  • You will enjoy the score sheets and the tournaments without the ads running.

TV Express

The Tv Express is most popular due to the Brazilian and Portugal films, arts, and educational series. You can also watch dubbed and subtitled series from all around the world, and you can quickly access the sports tournaments of soccer and other games of the different teams. The premium channels of the TV express are also present with the updates and latest content the entertainment.


Are the Android apps like SplikTv players free to download?

Almost all Android apps like SplikTv are free to download, and you can download SplikTV from the link given below.

Can we watch the entertainment content of other countries?

The different entertainment apps provide the feature to watch movies and dramas from different countries with subtitles and translation tools.

Is the better quality of the TV shows provided by Android TV players?

The Android TV players provide the best and great quality of entertainment, and you can also adjust the quality of resolution according to your network.