Spliktv apk 2023

Spliktv apk 2023


spliktv apk 2023 is the latest version of the spliktv app, where you can get unlimited entertainment by fully exploring the fikes and drama categories. There are more than 73 languages here that help use it. At the start, various languages and a list of countries will be displayed. Select the country about which you want to watch the dramas or the dramas. In the Indian category, you will get great dramas and 73 channels. Each channel consists of unlimited dramas and Indian movies. In the list of movies in the Indian variety, the first movie will be A+. Just click on the icon and enter the movie for watching.

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Points Details
Platform Android
Size 4.9 MB
Requirements Android 5.1+

How to Use spliktv apk 2023

To use this app, you must install it by clicking on the link on this page. After clicking the link, the download pages will be displayed on your screen. Now it’s time to click on the download button and get the app by installing it. After completing the installation, click the app icon to enter it. First of all, the A+ movies are displayed in the list of films in the Indian category. You can also watch the movies by going to the file channels. There are more than 73 channels available in the spliktv apk 2023 version. You can also change the country by installing the app. Search the movie in the search bar to get the related category.

Features of spliktv apk 2023

The latest version of splikTV has excellent features like great entertainment, fantastic dramas, exciting TV shows, and many more.

Get comfort

As I have told you, many TV shows and dramas are here. By watching them, you can get complete comfort. The TV shows are exciting as I have watched all the TV shows. Go to the latest shows to get more enjoyment. 

Exciting TV Shows 

Get unlimited video shows to watch in your free time. Go to the search bar and search for the show you want to watch. All the performances are exciting as they are divided into segments. Episodes of each show are given in the related category of the file.  

Funny Dramas

In this app, you will get dramas of every kind. The most watched category of drama is funny drama. This category is only present in Pakistan, so you must select it in the app before entering it. By watching funny dramas, you will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Noise and Entertainment 

By watching movies and dramas, you can create noise and entertainment that will make a chill scene for you, the watcher. For more noise, go to the films category and watch the horror movies there. Each horror movie has high-level sound and back music in it.

App description: 

spliktv apk 2023 is the modded version of spliktv. Excellent features like an additional dramatic category and increased channels are added. The latest version of spliktv apk 2023 has the following describing features in it

  • Version 

It has been updated with the latest version of 1.0.6, which is called the moded version while determining the apps

  • Android 

If you want to run this app on android devices, get an android device with an android version of 5.1+

  • Ads blocked

The ads are being blocked, and you will not feel any confusion about the ads while watching the movie. 

  • Documentaries

This file in the online version also gives information about various topics. Add your favorite documentary to the favorite list to reach it early for the second time

  • Movie filers

In this file, you will get the movie filters to help you find the drama, film, movie, or TV show as early as possible. Go to the filters option, put the drama name, and access it quickly.