Spliktv Apk Latest Version

Spliktv Apk Latest Version

About This TV:

Are you looking for a good video player to play high-quality videos on your mobile phone? If yes , Splik TV is for you to quickly download and install to easily play all your listed videos. This player supports the Xspf and M3u videos, and all over the world tv countries easily watch this application. Besides you can watch all sports matches, cricket, football, and other gaming also provide cultural video shows to watch for free with high quality. Even this application provides a premium cinema show offered completely free available if you were interested to download this video player fully free available, not requiring any personal information and no registration. 

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Points Details
Platform Android
Size 4.9 MB
Requirements Android 5.1+

Download & Install on Android Devices:

It is available for your devices just search on google play store Splik Tv application top to show this and click on the install button after a few waiting open the video player on android devices total cast fifteen  Mbs in your mobile data, after completing the videos player download installation process start first you chose the country hundred plus in one then show total channels select all in one for watching. If you do not know about this application and do not know the download and installation methods please with me I would tell you step by step all procedures if intrust please read till the end of this article more beneficial for you to check one by one all Splik Tv screenshots of downloading and installing very helpful for you in this downloading. 

Which Country’s TV Shows :

It provides videos and Tv shows from all the countries mentioned below after downloading first option is shown to select a country all in one then your first section is complete, the second option searches for a videos name or any tv name search in this search bar also provides all country tv show, support and news for entertaining mostly people used this for gaining information and time passing so that do not compare with other social media platform and any tv because its most popular application on google play store, all country name available in this tv some are given below: 

Country Names:

Afghanistan (AF), Aland Island (Ax), Albania (Al), Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antarctica, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brazil, British Virgin, Cambodia, Chad, Chile, China, Christmas, Cocos, Dominica, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Haiti, Vatican city, Hong kong, Iraq, Isle of Man, Italy, Jordan, Jersey, and Kosovo. 

Splik Tv provides 491+ Channels:

This video player is mostly used in the overall world for entertainment because it provides different show, support, events videos, cultural videos, and many more completely provide everyone without any purchasing or text even its not required your drives access with do not collect any personal information for downloading and install just search on play store click install for support all your high-quality videos list some channels names are given below because unlimited channels offer all are not possible describing in this paragraph but some important and famous tv channels names are given below: 

Channels Names:

A3 Series, America Tv, Az Clic, Az Corean, Az Corazon, Az Corazon HD, Azteca 1, Canal five, CAnal Honduras, Las Estrellas, Canal + Accion, Distrito Comedia, Ei Nueve, Film & ARts Hd, Gala Tv, Gitz, Imagen Tv, Mas Chic,Nova, Peu:Latina, Telefe, Telemundo, Trutv Hd, Tve, Univision, Uno, Wapa Pr, Animal Planet HD, Crime Investigation (ES), Discovery of Science etc. 

Other Exciting Features :

  • Watch live streaming
  • No Need to download 
  • Without advertisements
  • Excellent performance
  • Save your search history
  • Completely free to download 
  • Provide best collection shows
  • Support unlimited video channels
  • Auto and background videos play

Watch Premium Cinemas:

This application provides you an all premium cinemas videos shows and live streaming so that motley people used this application provides unlimited movies series and information content are completely free and offers everyone just one click after downloading this application, you can download it on the play store at the end of this exist page we added a Spilk Tv download link just one click to download and install on your mobile phone then free to watch all children related video and entertainment videos.

Fun Videos Saved In Gallery:

After installing this application you can easily be saved funny videos and any content video search on the top right side search bar option just in one second to provide your required videos, even offers a saved videos option after watching the video you want to save because you watch this video in next time just click in video and show right side heart button press this liked video save in your files, beside you can save these all video in mobile phone gallery mean internal and external storage, without any hesitation download on our site its latest version completely free available for everyone.


In this article, we discuss a world-popular video player whose name is Splik TV APK’s latest version and it’s all exciting features because it provides all types of videos and plays on our list all types of video smoothly so that most download applications from google play store. Besides, it provided a premium cinema video completely free and these videos show what we can save in the gallery.