Do you want to get rid of expensive tv subscriptions? Spliktv tv is the best application for all television fans. You can now access entertaining content on your mobile phone. You can watch movies, drama serials, sports channels, new and kids channels, and almost all categories of entertainment. This application requires a stable internet connection and provides smooth and uninterrupted transmissions everywhere and at every time.

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Category Information
Name Spliktv
Purpose Mobile app for accessing entertainment content
Features Movies, drama, sports, news, kids channels; IPTV tech for smooth transmission; multiple servers for uninterrupted streaming; access to banned channels; video downloads
Compatibility Requires stable internet connection; runs on mobile devices
Availability Downloadable on mobile devices
Geographic availability Supports several Latin American countries
Legal status Accessing banned channels may be subject to local laws

Use the latest IPTV technology

Spliktv uses the world top rated and latest technology. It works on an internet protocol mechanism that provides users with smooth transmission. You can watch your favorite content without any bugs or viruses. All content is accessible at your fingertips.

Uses multiple servers

The most interesting feature of this fantastic application is that it uses multiple servers, so if one server sows at a time when it automatically shifts to another server. Due to this feature, you will never face any distortion of the internet, buffering, or lagging due to internet problems. You can run this application smoothly on low internet quality. This application allows the user to enjoy all premium content of prime amazon, Netflix content, and all trending web streamings on their mobile phone.


Enjoy banned channels in your country

Spliktv allows users to watch all channels of any country. You can entertain with all content of the banned country on your channel. Many countries support spliktv, including Spain, Columbia, Venezuela, Chile, and many other countries in Latin America. You can entertain with all Spanish content, dubbed content. This application also allows users to download any of their favorite videos, movies, or dram series to watch in their leisure time.