Which app contains all TV channels?

Which app contains all TV channels?

In the past, when Android applications were not typical, people had only one mode of entertainment. It was television. Most homes had only one television set for all the members. There would be fighting over the control of the remote. The one who had the remote worked like a king. Everyone had to watch what he or she wanted. 

However, with the introduction of various TV applications for Android, the scenario has changed. The value that one remote control enjoyed once vanished. Now, there is no fighting over who will get the gadget. It is because every family member has a pocket TV in the form of mobile apps. 

Thousands of applications are available to give a mobile user access to multiple TV channels. However, there is one issue with most of them. They provide a limited number of channels. Today, we will tell you about some applications that proffer all TV channels. They are as follows:

  1. Splik TV
  2. Nexgtv 
  3. Kodi
  4. MX Player
  5. Zenga TV

Now let’s discuss all the above mentioned applications. 

  • SplikTV

SplikTV always comes first in the list of TV applications. It has a number of indispensable attributes that the users can appreciate and relish. The following factors would help you know why we have selected SplikTV in the list:

  • It has the most straightforward interface that a user can feasibly handle.
  • It does not demand registration like all other mobile TV applications.
  • It contains hundreds of TV channels belonging to several genres. 
  • It is free of cost, and you will relish all the attributes without paying the developers.
  • SplikTV offers many entertainment modes, including films, sitcoms, sports, news, cartoons, showbiz, fashion, and drama channels.
  • You can also take delight in watching your treasured movies, web series, and seasons. 
  • It is the most credible, reliable, and smooth application to appreciate entertainment on your cellular devices. 

Due to the above reasons, SplikTV is considered the most esteemed app worldwide. You will get almost every channel you want to watch in your leisure time. 

  • Nexgtv

Nexgtv is another adored TV application that has a lot to offer. It is a glitch-free, smooth-running, and all-in-one application. It can feasibly be downloaded and installed for free. The interface and display are attractive and feasible. It has the following perks to offer:

  • You can watch almost all the Indian channels utilizing this stunning application.
  • You can download your cherished shows and save them for watching offline.
  • It comes with a built-in reminder so you cannot miss any of your favorite shows due to your busy routine. 
  • It provides its users with a repeat telecast mode. So, if you skipped a program for any reason, you can watch it later. 
  • Nexgtv provides thousands of movies to its users to cherish their free time. 

Additionally, it saves your precious data by working like YouTube. You can select the video quality and change it whenever you feel like changing it. 

  • Kodi 

Kodi has long been the most adored television application for several mobile users. Many captivating and enchanting factors have earned millions of loyal customers. You can take pleasure in availing its services for free or paying the charges. Kodi proffers the following fun elements:

  • Kodi has over ten million downloads on various platforms due to its requisite features.
  • It is feasible to install a TV channel not already available in the application.
  • You can keep growing your network list and avail yourself of all the channels you adore. 
  • You can watch YouTube directly using Kodi.
  • It provides all kinds of original content, including documentaries, movies, dramas, web series, and seasons.

All the above fun factors are quickly accessible by just downloading and installing the precious application. 

  • MX Player

Most smartphone users utilize this outstanding media player. It gives you a high-quality experience for watching movies and other videos. However, most people are unaware that MX player also proffers almost all TV channels worldwide. You can avail yourself of various stunning factors like:

  • Live streaming your valued news channels to stay updated.
  • Making a private folder for your collection of movies, media, and other material.
  • You can cherish thousands of TV channels, including sports, news, entertainment, and drama. 
  • You can relish multiple networks and records from local providers.
  • It comes with a multilingual function. 

Another distinctive feature of the MX player is you can also use it as a Whatsapp status downloader. 

  • Zenga TV

Zenga is another fabulous mobile TV application. It streams hundreds of Indian and international channels. It has built-in lists that filter different content based on genres and sensitivity. Zenga TV has the following striking elements:

  1. You will get to enjoy hundreds of live channels.
  2. It has separate sections for all the contents.
  3. You can also download live content to watch it later.
  4. You can feasibly switch from one channel to another.
  5. It also proffers a full-screen view. 

Additionally, Zenga TV can run on all networks, including 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, and Android TV. 


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