Which TV app is free?

Which TV app is free?

 Pocket TV is a trendy thing nowadays. What does pocket TV mean? When you have a television application installed on your cellular phone, it is called a pocket TV. World is going crazy for smaller screens. There are several reasons why people love TV applications more than traditional television screens:

  1. Most people do not like to sit before regular TV screens. They choose live streaming applications over the classical way of relishing channels.
  2. Some people want to stay ahead by keeping them updated. It is only possible by watching news channels whenever they get time. It can happen only when they have mobile applications. 
  3. Sports lovers do not let slip their adored matches even when they are busy. A television application is the only way to relish a game anytime, anywhere. 
  4. People, who travel a lot, want their journeys to be exciting. So, they need a TV application on their mobile phones. 
  5. These remarkable small screens proffer joy, amusement, and delight whenever you want. 

So, for the above reasons, people need a glitch-free, flawless, and smooth application. Furthermore, it is also vital that the application you are using must be accessible. Free service does not waste your money, and you get to relish all the perks of entertainment. This article will describe the five best free TV apps. 

Splik TV 

When we talk about the best free TV app, the first name that comes to mind is Splik TV. This application has generated millions of fans in a shorter period. People love it due to its broadness and smoothness. The application proffers hundreds of entertaining and informative channels from several countries. It has the following special features:

  1. No registration is needed. You can watch Splik TV by simply clicking on the icon. It will not ask you to register via your phone number or email address. 
  2. No fee to relish entertainment. Entertainment must come charge-free, which is what Splik TV offers. 
  3. You can take delight in watching hundreds of TV channels from around the world.
  4. It contains sports, news, entertainment, showbiz, finance, and movie channels. 
  5. It has the most straightforward and customer-friendly display, which is convenient. 

Despite the above attributes, you can also get more with Splik TV.

Live Net TV 

Live Net TV is the proper name to take second place in our list of free TV apps. This application is feasible, glitch-free, and has a vast collection of several genres. You will relish Live Net TV in the comfort of your home, walking, or even traveling. It will stream your adored TV channels flawlessly.

It has the following fun factors: 

  1. Like Splik TV, it also does not require registration from you. 
  2. It can be played on video players like VLC and MX Player.
  3. It supports a video playback feature if used on the relevant media player. 
  4. It will not ask you for your money. You can relish all the TV channels free of charge. 
  5. Your preferred channel is not available? Do not worry; you can ask the developers to add the desired channel for you. 

You will surely enjoy your time with Live Net TV. It can be your partner at all times. 


YuppTV has fairly taken the third number on our list. It lets you make your time delightful when feeling dull and boring. With a vast collection of networks and broadcasting sources, you can get everything with YuppTV. You can utilize this stunning app on any device that supports an internet connection. Not only that, but you can also record your favorite shows for ten consecutive days. 

It has the following features:

  1. You can avail yourself of YuppTV absolutely free. 
  2. You can get the application in your preferred language, as it comes in thirteen different languages. 
  3. It proffers a hotline, and you can connect with them whenever something comes up. 
  4. It gives hundreds of channels regarding various categories. 
  5. You can watch a cricket match smoothly and flawlessly. 

You will love your experience with this fantastic TV app. 

Tubi TV

Last but not least, Tubi TV can be your next choice for watching and relishing your adored television channels. You can take delight in enjoying your favored networks related to various genres, including sports, news, weather, finance, and entertainment. 

This app has the following stunning factors:

  1. There is no cost at all. You will see your adored shows without paying them a penny.
  2. Your kids can enjoy cartoon channels and other children’s shows whenever they want.
  3. You will get live streaming for hundreds of television channels. 
  4. You can watch cartoons, movies, dramas, news shows, sitcoms, seasons, and web series.
  5. It runs on all types of operative systems.

Here you go. These applications will enhance your experience and work perfectly. 


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